LFW 3 Days In...

Ughhh I've been so lazy lately (in terms of this blog)
I've had to create another for my design module as a dairy of my progress, so I've kinda abandoned this one...like that middle child when the new born comes along...
Decided I'd post up some of my favourites from London Fashion Week so far...
I'm in love with anything tailored, floor-length, textile based (as always!) and mad prints!

Derek Lawlor

Iris Van Herpen

Central Saint Martins


Central Saint Martins

Louise Gray

Mary Katrantzu


Wardrobe Crush!!

My friend must have introduced me to ClaireInc. a while ago...
There's so much crappy vintage around these days for extortionate prices that I thought everyone should know about ClaireInc.
If your willing to pay abit more for them really unique, beautiful pieces then I'd definitely recommend you check out her site.

"If love at first sight were possible it would be my love for this woman, and her wardrobe!!"

Their Story
One-off GEMS, Inaccessible Designer Vintage, 80s & 90s, Buying, Selling, Trend forecasting, Styling & Sourcing, Cult Aussie & O/S designers, Original Jewels & Madcap sunnies, Fast & friendly service, Open 24/7!
Frumpy, Second-hand/Retro stereotypes, Hackneyed trends, Designer rip-offs, Rave Gear
Individual, Eclectic & Imaginative vintage, Designer Vintage Rarities, Bruce Weber, Norma Kamali, Sonia Rykiel, Ossie Clark & Celia Birtwell, Porcelain animal figures, Lea Stein, the collaboration of Charles Jourdan & Guy Bourdin, Tuxedo chocolates, Mala Brajkovic, New Zealand Fashion Week, Grey Gardens, Kathleen Turner, Nutjob key rings, Oversized Animal Jewels, Bags shaped like King Tutankhamun, and is not afraid to shy away from the music of Meatloaf

Some of my favourite pieces...

Hmmm soo Valentines is around the corner... if anyone out there really loves me - admirers, stalkers I don't care!
I would like these to appear on my doorstep on Sunday 14th!
*well its good to dream*

Check out her site - www.claireinc.com

P.s. my bday - June 17th for those who care hahaa! :)



Excuse my Absence - partyin n chillin hard before im back to uni...

As I promised dug out and dusted off my jacket...
whilst rummaging for the trousers I remembered I cut them up to make something else so there no longer with us...

Oh story behind these low quality snapz!! Lool!
Basically my camera has playing up on me...wouldnt blame her though, I've been cussing her for being so heavy and large when I wana take quick snapz!

So thought hey lemme go old-skool and take some shots on my webcam

*One of my favourite past-times = taking pictures of myself!!
And may I say not in the vain way, more in a " nobody knows you better than yourself" kinda-way...