Im Proud of my Uni Man!! #UEL #GFW

Hi there! last time I posted I was 20...now im the big 2.1.!!

Soo my birth-week is finally up! (Believe me I partied hard!) and thought i'd come back and drop a post about the amazing collections that came out of my uni this year!

I'm in my second year so we were asked to help the graduates; being a general helper I did a bit of everything:
from raising money for their exhibition stand through cake sales, to running, to hand sewing to customising shoes etc etc so I got to see alot of the students work throughout the process.

In my first year when I was helper I did actually feel overwhelmed by how much work had gone into their collections, and being a backstage dresser I didnt get to see the final result on the runway so it was great to be able to watch the show this year!

I just kept thinking to myself I must get into GFW 2012!! I MUST! I was specifically looking closely at what was "runway worthy" in my eyes..the garments that made me stop and say wow how long did that take he/she to make, or how did they do that! I love an element of suprise, or quirky things you wouldnt expect, be it a mistake that has been developed into something beautiful, I think it brings a different aspect to your work.

Heres a video taken by a lovely LCF student/blogger that I met working on the stand! ADORNGIRL!

Natasha Frances Wood

Diane Gevorgian

Enuvierhire Sophia Orere

Carly Njini

Parastoo Dehghanian

Anna Grzegorczyk

Holly Lloyd Keepfer

Lisette Mallardi-Van Esch

Stephanie Hemphill

Qeesra Dad

Bunmi Olaye

Runway images provided by


Oh yee I also got snapped up by a couple of bloggers and Street Style for Grazia magazine!

To be honest I wasnt wearing anything spesh though!?...I literally came to work on the UEL stand but hey this was me!

Mesh top dress - Miss Selfridges
Circle Denim Skirt - American Apparel
Lace frill socks - American Apparel
Rope Chain Belt - Vintage
Wedge Shoesies - Topshop
Gucci Watch - car boot sale

Tiger head ring - Spitalfields Market


3 months later...can u say worst blogger ever *bows head in shame*

I think I deserve it to all those who have checked my blog over the past 3 months and have seen the same post about Haider Ackermann a little explanation...

So the backstory behind this attrocity:
Basically for my second year design project we also had to create a blog as a PDP (diary) of our design process throughout the module...

So I'd be posting something really interesting on there, and on trying to not complicate the two I gave up on one. #sadtimes
oh if you only knew the madness of last semester!!

You can check out my assessed blog here!

But its all over now so I'm back in full force!

So heres some "evidence" of what i've been up to over the past couple of months.

Second Year Fashion Show


The Show

It was an amazing turnout selling from 600-700 tickets!
Professional Photographs taken by Stella Consonni!
And heres my outfit...we had to make an outfit for our designated designers (mine being La Petite Salope) including a tailored garment.

Next year will be bigger and better and YOU should all come!!