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The Arbore Tribe

Soo I'm looking to dye the little hair that has grown back on my head one kind of purpley red...
to be sure it would suit started my search online for black chicks with... well basically coloured scalps!!

Hmmm long story short anything shaved came up with amber, cassie...oh n sum old skool Kelis snapz!
I even tried looking at dudes styles, but wasn't too useful...

Anyway somehow I came across this beautiful african tribe.
I'd love to Ethiopia and just embrace their culture.

After watching 'Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children' it really did humble me back down to Earth, although I am a very greatful person, and appreciate the life God and my parents have made for me you somtimes forget how lucky you are when complaining about minor things.

All I know is that when I have money I will be helping those less fortunate than I...
watching children whos only wish was to have $2 to go to school really makes you see life differently when we complain about not wanting to go into uni one day.

Enought of the rant heres some photos I love from a brilliant photographer!

Taken by the amazing photographer David D Kim

Click on the link to check his other work on his flickr account!
Peace im off to bed!

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