Im Proud of my Uni Man!! #UEL #GFW

Hi there! last time I posted I was 20...now im the big 2.1.!!

Soo my birth-week is finally up! (Believe me I partied hard!) and thought i'd come back and drop a post about the amazing collections that came out of my uni this year!

I'm in my second year so we were asked to help the graduates; being a general helper I did a bit of everything:
from raising money for their exhibition stand through cake sales, to running, to hand sewing to customising shoes etc etc so I got to see alot of the students work throughout the process.

In my first year when I was helper I did actually feel overwhelmed by how much work had gone into their collections, and being a backstage dresser I didnt get to see the final result on the runway so it was great to be able to watch the show this year!

I just kept thinking to myself I must get into GFW 2012!! I MUST! I was specifically looking closely at what was "runway worthy" in my eyes..the garments that made me stop and say wow how long did that take he/she to make, or how did they do that! I love an element of suprise, or quirky things you wouldnt expect, be it a mistake that has been developed into something beautiful, I think it brings a different aspect to your work.

Heres a video taken by a lovely LCF student/blogger that I met working on the stand! ADORNGIRL!

Natasha Frances Wood

Diane Gevorgian

Enuvierhire Sophia Orere

Carly Njini

Parastoo Dehghanian

Anna Grzegorczyk

Holly Lloyd Keepfer

Lisette Mallardi-Van Esch

Stephanie Hemphill

Qeesra Dad

Bunmi Olaye

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Oh yee I also got snapped up by a couple of bloggers and Street Style for Grazia magazine!

To be honest I wasnt wearing anything spesh though!?...I literally came to work on the UEL stand but hey this was me!

Mesh top dress - Miss Selfridges
Circle Denim Skirt - American Apparel
Lace frill socks - American Apparel
Rope Chain Belt - Vintage
Wedge Shoesies - Topshop
Gucci Watch - car boot sale

Tiger head ring - Spitalfields Market

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