10 Days Later...

Deadline Over...

Personally I do not want to hear the words:

or anything slightly to do with nineteenth century fashion for many a years to come...

Over the summer we conducted research into nineteenth century underwear, and had to make our own authentic corsets using the technical construction of that era.
6 weeks later we then had to make a contemporary piece inspired by.... what do you know Yes! nineteenth century fashion and architecture.
Soo after 3 long months of making here I are my end results.

Three words to sum up this module: draining, demanding, monotous....and the list goes on but I'm sure you can all enter thesaurus.com and look under LONG!

Well it's official i'll never be the best pattern cutter...But who said I wanted to be???
I'll say this again I want to drape, distress and play with weird and wonderful materials/fabrics. and then yes give these ideas to a seamstress.. But hey I'm not going to a uni with amazing technicians or technology for that matter, but I'm slyly glad how much I've taught myself, and improved as a designer over the past year.

So this was the more technical-based module, we then had another module: Printed Garment

I really did feel less restricted with my thoughts process and was able to expirement more with materials. It has definitely clarified in my head what area of fashion I want to go into after collecting my degree...print/textile fashion. (unisex wear - as in them cool couples that rock eack others stuff!)

My whole theme lied under the sense of 'hidden messages', for example those you see in rippled water.

And this was my final print.

Im tired of trying to align images in this post now,
so snapz from the fashion show will be up in the next post! peace x

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