Work Mode *huffnpuff* [dedicated to Hakz]

Work is in motion [atm steam train motion but we stil movin!]
so quick post and I'm out!

Deadlines always make me work my ass off...
I'm a very chilled individual, people ask me why I dont stress...

Of course I do! I just dont stress until I have to start the sleepless nights.

#09memories: Gone were the times when me and Hakeem would aim to get out of the house by 10am, (with no real aim but to try and find some unique bargains!)
End up driftin out at 12. [winter tym cums and I stil think I can exit my house in knee highs and blazer...]
So after a good rummage through Hakeems stuff I'm a bit more suitable for such weather.

Story Behind the Snap
Basically beginning of winter and we were on the search for oversized jumpers...Hakeem had finally come to the fact that his back is too broad and torso too long to find his size lool!

I found this beautiful one in Beyond Retro but wasnt in the mood for splurging my just recieved student loan.
So exited back into the bitter cold with nothing but Hakeems clothes on my back.

Hakeem is one my closest friends, similar and different. Beautiful photographer studying fashion who really just wants to pack his bag, kick out to New York, take snapz, find love and be the leader of a cool indie rock band! Loool!
I bet hes smilin right now hahaa! (didn't even know I was writin this but hey!)

You can find him ranting @ www.twitter.com/TBGK

p.s. these snapz are copywright to him only!

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  1. awwww, and i was actually smiling, when you said i was, yaii know me too well lol!