Oh shet i forgot!!

So i slyly forgot part of the reason for making this Blog...
to share with y'all my everyday apparently "questionable" outfits

Soo I had a gander through my computer to find a lot more hairstyle snaps than looks??
And i'm useless at packing! (I always have to leave something pretty necessary to my life in every destination...)
Long story short I left my cam wire in London!!
But hey found a couple snaps my good friend/roommate Hakeem took of me and 1 2 I took playing around with mums new cam in that her tiny vehicle.
I love it! Its my new favourite toy. Its so much lighter slash portable than mine, I havent put it down for the past couple of days now!
Im deliberating taking it back to London with me but it was an early xmas present from my dad so we'll see...

Oh plus I seem to have an obsession with motion and night lights at the moment..
I'll show you some of my snaps soonish!


  1. i love your blog! and I am a new avid reader of it! xx :)

  2. Hey Sola...am completely new to this whole blogging thing (i.e today) and must say i find your blog absolutely inspiring. x