Make Do And Mend...

Im in procrastination mode at the moment...
...Thinking about life faith love hope

I came here wanting to brag about one of my life-long dreams coming true for my 21st birthday...
Instead after watching the Hope for Haiti telethon I was kinda humbled in my tracks and thought it was pretty irrelevenant posting

about that right now when my brain was in a different mindset altogether.

So I was sifting through my images and came across a project I'd done in my first year of university, and it kinda just made sense...

This was a group theme we came up with entitled 'Avaritia quod Invidia' [meaning Greed and Envy in Greek]. We wanted to create a collection based on the juxtaposition of these two concepts.
Hence the idea of 'make do and mend' 
It just shows in times of disaster, poverty, recession, what you can do with so little.

This was a shoot I loved by Tim Walker for Vogue, UK 2009

         Yes!! this entire ensemble was made from pick-n-mix sweety bags!

6,000 cotton balls and toilet-roll wedges

9 tea towels

And who else but the Dame herself of DIY, Vivienne Westwood.
Make necklaces out of safety pins, shawls from blankets, tablecloths, curtains or towels"

 Soo I decided to see what interesting silhouettes I could create from fabric manipulation of hessian (potato sack). 

Some stand work.

I ended up making a crop jacket using this technique in linen and harem trousers, unfortunately I don't have any good images of the garments on my comp but I'll dig it out and take some.
I'll post 'em up soon.

I hope the message behind this was loud and clear! :)


  1. Love your project from school and I can't wait to see pictures of your crop jacket! Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog!


  2. I'm just getting into fashion design and it's great stumbling upon designers blogs! Love your pieces.

    Follow me :)


  3. Thanx for commenting! aint had my laptop for a couple of days so imma check out your blogs now!